The Mountain West's Source for Medical Alarms and Medication Management Tools

Mountain Home Medical (MHM) was created by Dan Nicholson in 2002 with a desire to add value to the electronic monitoring sector of health care. The MHM Professional Services model is based on meeting needs through providing a variety of choices, keeping up with technological changes while providing the means to live at home longer and more safely.

On November 1, 2014, Mountain Home Medical was acquired by Tunstall Healthcare Group, via its US Subsidiary, Tunstall Americas. As the world leader in remote care and safety monitoring, Tunstall Americas provides nationwide 24/7 healthcare monitoring services in New York and Rhode Island. Tunstall also manufactures a wide variety of medical alert, fall detection, TeleHealth, and medication management solutions to meet the needs of all people.

Commenting on the acquisition, Casey Pittock, President and CEO of Tunstall Americas, stated “We are delighted to welcome Mountain Home Medical’s team and customers to the Tunstall family. Our two companies share a passion for helping people remain safe, healthy, and independent at home through innovative healthcare technology and high-touch personal monitoring services.”


Mountain Home Medical provides more wireless and mobile PERS choices than anyone in Colorado.