The products and services we offer are designed around need and niche. One piece of equipment does not meet all needs. We do not represent any one brand or company, but instead provide services based on the needs of people in their home.



Home Based Medical Alarms

When activated, the PERS calls a 24/7 response center where a trained operator can assess the situation and dispatch the appropriate aid for the client.


Mountain_Home_Medical_Mobile_Care_mPERS.jpgMobile Medical Alarms

All mobile units are portable and are intended to be used around the home, yard, and community.


Mountain_Home_Medical_Medication_Management.jpgMedication Management

Medication dispensers are designed to provide the right medication at the right time.


Mountain_Home_Medical_Disability_Tools.jpgDisability & Accessibility Tools

These tools are available for clients with limited dexterity or those that would be unable to use a standard neck or wrist pendant for a PERS in an emergency situation.


Mountain_Home_Medical_Fall-Detector.jpgFall Detectors

These devices send a signal upon impact if a client falls to the ground.


wandering_Activity_monitoring_.jpgWandering & Activity Monitoring

These products are monitored locally in the home by family or dedicated caregivers.



PERS solutions for those without a phone are our most popular product.