All PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) units provided by Mountain Home Medical include a small wearable pendant button, and a large button mounted on the base unit of the system. When activated, the PERS calls a 24/7 response center where a trained operator can assess the situation and dispatch the appropriate aid for the client.


Landline PERS


•  Small, waterproof pendant (bracelet or necklace)
•  48 hour battery backup 
•  Uses land line in client’s home (POTS or digital) 
•  Most reliable and durable alarm unit available



Wireless PERS


•  Does not require client to have a land line 
•  Small, waterproof pendant 
•  60 hour battery backup 
•  Utilizes cellular service from AT&T network only 
•  Voice prompts for unit status, cellular signal strength
   and when calling for help 
•  Small, single unit only requires one electrical outlet


Wireless PERS with Fall Detection 

•  Does not require a land line in the home
•  Smallest size Fall Detector, pendant also has manual
   help button
•  False alarms can be caused by sitting / standing too fast
   or hitting the pendant on a table or other surface
•  Water resistant pendant is worn around the neck and
   detects impacts from falls


Since 2002, we have served almost 12,000 subscribers.