All mobile care units are portable and are intended to be used around the home, yard, and community.  All connect to certified call centers with 24/7 availability and most have GPS locating ability. It is not possible to program family or friends’ phone numbers into these units, but the call centers can contact any caregiver registered with a client’s profile at their request.

Standard Mobile PERS

•  One button help 24/7 anywhere
•  Uses ATT cellular network only
•  GPS Locating Ability
•  Water and splash resistant; can be used in the shower
    and bath
•  requires charging once per month 


Mobile PERS with Fall Detection


•  Smart fall detection adapts to clients movements  
•  Water and splash resistant; can be used around shower 
•  GPS Locating Ability 
•  2 way voice communication  
•  TeleHealth and Telcare: uploads biometric measurements
    from multiple wireless devices


During the first quarter of 2015, we installed 975 medical alarms and medication management units.